This is a guide to approximately how many portions you can expect from cakes of different sizes:

Cake size in inches Approx. 2" x 1" party portions Approx. 1" x 1" finger portions
4" round 4 8
5" round / 4" square 7 14
6" round / 5" square 10 20
7" round / 6" square 15 30
8" round / 7" square 20 40
9" round / 8" square 27 54
10" round / 9" square 34 68
11" round / 10" square 45 90
12" round / 11" square 50 100
12" square 67 134

Party portions are perhaps best for family gatherings or where cake is being served as dessert at a wedding reception (in this instance you may wish to cater for even larger 2″ x 2″ portions). Finger portions are perhaps best for large buffets or children’s party bags.

Remember to allow extra for second helpings (especially if you are offering more than one flavour), or if you would like any left to enjoy after the event.

Multi-tiered cakes usually have a 2 or 3 inch difference between tiers depending on design and portions required.


Cakery Bay offers a bespoke service with each cake being designed and handmade to order. Cakes are therefore individually priced according to requirements and will depend on size, flavour and complexity of design. As a guide:

A single tier sponge celebration cake to serve 15 party/30 finger portions starts from £75. Novelty shaped cakes and some decoration such as handmade sugar flowers and figures are at additional cost.

Wedding cakes usually consist of 4 layers of cake in each tier to give extra height to your centrepiece. The prices below are a guideline to different sized wedding cakes including delivery and set-up at your venue within a 25 mile radius (cakes can be delivered further afield). Some decoration such as handmade sugar flowers are at additional cost which would be discussed with you.

2 tier

To serve 40 tall finger portions from £230

To serve 60 tall finger portions from £240

3 tier

To serve 64 tall finger portions from £315

To serve 90 tall finger portions from £330

To serve 144 tall finger portions from £345

4 tier

To serve 128 tall finger portions from £420

To serve 172 tall finger portions from £440

To serve 220 tall finger portions from £490

5 tier

To serve 224 tall finger portions from £535

Biscuits & cupcakes

Iced all-butter shortbread biscuits from £2.50 each, individually wrapped and tied with co-ordinating ribbon. These can be hand-decorated and used as favours for weddings, parties or corporate events.

Box of 12 cupcakes with buttercream swirl from £30. Cupcake towers and individually boxed cupcakes can also be provided for wedding centrepieces and favours.

Please contact Cakery Bay to discuss your requirements and obtain a detailed quotation.